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City Beach, Perth, Australia

Welcome to West Coast Bridge Club.

Established 1967

West Coast Bridge Club is an enjoyable and hospitable place to play bridge. Located at the City Beach Civic Centre, with over 300 members, we play bridge every day of the year except Christmas Day and Good Friday. For the Tuesday (daytime), Friday and Sunday sessions you may come without a partner. If you would like to play bridge in a friendly and sociable setting, please come and join us, visitors are always made welcome.

New to the game? We have excellent teachers running bridge lessons on Monday mornings (beginners and advanced) and supervised play on Wednesday mornings all of which you can attend with or without a partner.


2018 Summer Teams The 2018 Summer Teams held during February was won by a team comprising Graeme Hillier, Shirley Drage, Chotoo Bhagat and Baboo Bhagat. Ray Wood, Marleen Medhat, Peter Garcia-Webb and Peach Partis. They were followed by Maureen Phillips, Cathy Slaughter, Ray Wood and Marleen Medhat with Helen Baker, Jean Calder, Barbara Martin and Michael Smith in third place.

GNO Teams (BAWA event) The GNO Teams competition was won by Chotoo Bhagat, Baboo Bhagat, Shirley Drage and Graeme Hillier. Second place went to Marleen Medhat, Ray Wood, Peach Partis and Peter Garcia-Webb with Max Havercroft, Brian Kaye, David Cowell, Anne Hopfmueller and Tad Bieganski in third place.

2018 Autumn Pairs The Autumn Pairs was conducted over three Wednesdays in April. The event was won by Elizabeth Bennett and Peach Partis. Shirley Drage and Maurice Herman were second, followed by Margaret Tierney and Ray Purdy in third place.

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